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Benefits Communication

Why I’m Banning “Great” from My Vocabulary

In 2001, James C. Collins published a book called Good to Great. And with that, “great” catapulted into our everyday vernacular as a descriptor for – well – just about everything: How’s the food?                     Great! How was your weekend?      Great! How’s your...

Enhanced Employee Communication Mobile App

With 68 percent of Americans owning smartphones, it’s no wonder employers are considering (and often embracing) mobile apps as an effective tool for sharing benefits and company information with employees and their family members. Across Lockton, our Account Teams...

Open Year-Round: Reconsidering Traditional Benefit Communication Strategies

Employees who are extremely satisfied with their benefits program are nine times more likely to stay with their employer than workers who are dissatisfied with their benefits program. If you’re thinking, “Our company can’t afford to offer more benefits,” you aren’t...

Why Millennials are ‘Meh’ About Health Insurance

I'll admit, I am a millennial ... but just by a hair. Born in September of 1980, I barely make the cutoff. And with a husband, three kids, mortgage and a minivan, I often have much more in common with Generation X than Y. But, technically, I am a part of the largest...




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