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We recently brought 20 of Lockton’s smartest employee benefits communicators together for a couple of days of brainstorming and collaboration.

Guess what I learned? Everyone has the same pain points. And everyone has a unique solution. It’s what makes Lockton so great.

In addition, I learned that there are very few communication problems that this bunch of big brains can’t solve. And, just like those professors used to tell you as you worked on a group lab project, “five heads are better than one.” It’s true. By the time we identified a problem and talked through it, there were many solutions on the table from which to choose. That’s how we roll.

Wonder what IS keeping the (above) average Lockton employee benefits communicator up at night? Here are a couple of nuggets:

  • It’s the era of AND. Remember the days you could ask, “Coffee or tea?” and get a straight answer? Now it’s likely to be, “I’ll have an iced coffee and a glass of water. No lemon.” These days, communicators are using traditional channels AND electronic means to deliver messages. To get someone’s attention, we need to share information on his or her mobile phone AND in the break room on a poster AND in his or her email AND via postcard to his or her home…. It’s definitely the era of AND.
  • It’s a battle for attention.  In addition to creating custom content for all of the channels available to employees, guess what? Communicators are battling against every other company and person spreading a message – and it’s a busy landscape. According to SJ Insights, studies show that message and brand “exposure” can range from 3,000 to 20,000 per day. That’s a lot of messaging to bump up against when you’re simply reminding an employee that his or her benefits information is due at the end of business Friday.

Lucky for our employer-clients, Lockton’s employee benefits communication experts get it. If you, too, stay awake at night wondering how best to reach your employees or wondering if your message made it through the clutter, lean on us. We got this.