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I’ll admit, I am a millennial … but just by a hair. Born in September of 1980, I barely make the cutoff. And with a husband, three kids, mortgage and a minivan, I often have much more in common with Generation X than Y.

But, technically, I am a part of the largest generation in the country, one that’s about to take over the workforce and is touted for being highly educated, tech savvy … and completely in the dark when it comes to health insurance.

So when a fellow colleague (and millennial) suggested we collaborate on a white paper about the subject — why millennials aren’t hip about health insurance and what can we do about it — my interest was piqued. I began to research. And research some more.

What I found is this:

  • 50 percent of millennials don’t understand their insurance;
  • 45 percent of millennials would rather clean out their email than research their health benefits; and
  • 26 percent would prefer to clean their toilets.

The white paper explores these statistics but also sets out to explain the why behind the disconnect and what we, as advisors and employers, can do about it.

I hope you’ll read the white paper and me know your thoughts. You know how we millennials crave feedback …