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FUD: fear, uncertainty, doubt.

FUD has steadily played a role in many employers’ uptake of HR technology over the years. This makes sense as new developments in technology usually come with added cost, buyer’s remorse or even concern for whether or not the new solution will meet expectations. Many HR departments have been especially slow with technology; think about it – if there’s a mistake with payroll, there’s going to be a lot of unhappy people, thus most HR departments like to stick to what they know.

Speculations circulated in 2016 saying FUD would continue to dominate HR tech. As for 2017, we are not of the same opinion.

We believe that HR tech FUD must change in order for companies to remain competitive and relevant. Technology should be a channel for company culture, as well as an enhancement tool for culture itself. Innovative ideas like artificial intelligence, mobile advancements and cloud computing are quickly becoming the backbone of personalized and simplified employee interactions.

HR tech tools are often a company’s first impression on applicants. For example; recruiting, applying for a job and applicant tracking that leverage social media set the stage for prospective employees before an offer is even made. Therefore, applicants likely develop an opinion of company culture in advance, which can either help or hinder a company’s recruiting success.

Imagine a company portraying itself as innovative and employee-centric, but then explaining to a new hire that he or she needs to enroll in benefits via paper and saying, “Yeah, I think we’ve got a desk for you over here – somewhere.”

HR tech is equally important once an employee is hired. Some simple examples of positive impact include allowing an employee to enroll in benefits or compare prescription prices from one pharmacy to another via a mobile device. Additionally, if an employee needs to change his or her personal information, the margin of error and likelihood of delay increase significantly without the help of HR tech.

HR tech gives an employer the opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact on a new hire and more tenured employees. Whether or not companies have FUD regarding HR tech, all employers should take heed.

“We predict organizations that don’t adjust and aren’t bold with HR tech will miss out on top talent, potential revenue and growth.”

We predict organizations that don’t adjust and aren’t bold with HR tech will miss out on top talent, potential revenue and growth.

If you have any questions or comments regarding HR tech FUD, we would love to hear from you below.