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What if there was a way to prevent certain cancers?

Good news! There is, if you make some straightforward decisions about certain aspects of your life. Specifically, I’m talking about good nutrition, regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight.

While most people know these things are good for them, generally speaking, the point they seem to miss is that these things are a clear-cut prescription for cutting cancer risk by at least 30 percent.

That became incredibly clear in survey results that were released on Feb. 4, which was National Cancer Day. According to the survey, conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research, fewer than half of Americans are unaware of the impact of alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition on cancer risk.

Key points revealed by the survey:

  • 42 percent of Americans are aware that a diet low in fruit and vegetables increases their risk of cancer. Awareness of this issue has dropped since 2009, when 52 percent of respondents were aware.
  • 43 percent of Americans understand that alcohol increases cancer risk.
  • Approximately 35 percent of Americans understand the link between diets high in red meat and colon cancer.
  • 52 percent of Americans realize that excess body fat increases the risk of cancer.
  • 42 percent of Americans understand that being inactive increases the risk of cancer.

(Please click to read the survey report in its entirety.)

Employers Can Help the Cause

It’s clear that more education is necessary to help people understand the control they have over certain aspects of their health, including cancer risk. The workplace seems like an ideal place for targeted education and activities. After all, employers are already looking for ways to reduce their healthcare costs and improve employee productivity. Helping employees reduce their risk of cancer through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and a healthy weight will not only help those individuals avoid certain cancers, but it also will help them avoid or even reverse diabetes and heart disease. So really, everyone wins.

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