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Next week, I will be in Bloomington, Minnesota, at the LEHRN HR Tech Expo. The last few years, Lockton’s HR Technology and Outsourcing Practice has attended and presented at the expo, and this year is no different.

Spoiler Alert! I will be speaking on how employers are using HR tech to engage, educate, and entertain employees. HR technology is doing more than just allowing you to enroll for your benefits or get paid properly; it’s being used in such cool, new ways, including employee engagement. You’ve no doubt heard about employee engagement recently as it is all the rage, especially when talking about millennials.

Without giving all of my presentation away, here are a few teaser takeaways:

  • Employee engagement is NOT the same as employee happiness.
  • Employee engagement is commitment, productivity, performance, and competency.
  • 32 percent of US employees are engaged at work (Gallup)
  • Workers who are actively engaged were found to be 43 percent more productive (Hay Group)
  • Millennials are the least engaged generation – only 28.9 percent engaged compared to 32.9 percent for Gen X and Boomers (Gallup)
  • Employee engagement is made possible through technology using:
    • Talent management
    • Gamification and videos
    • Mobile
    • Employee communication
    • Social media
  • Engaged employees are more productive and better for your bottom line. Technology that helps with engagement might be worth the investment

If you’re in the Minnesota area, come by and check out the expo! Use our promo code SponsorGuest to attend at a discounted rate. If you can’t make it to the conference, check out the blog after the expo for a deeper dive into employee engagement.