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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to share the love – the HR tech love that is. Here are just a few reasons to love HR technology:

HR technology saves you time.

HR technology solutions help you automate mundane, time-consuming HR tasks. Not to mention the manager and employee self-service features also shift some of the responsibility away from the HR department. Both save HR countless hours, and we all know how valuable our time is! That time saved can be put toward more strategic HR initiatives.

 HR technology makes you smarter and more efficient.

Today’s HR technology solutions offer reporting functionalities and dashboards that not only report basic metrics, but also allow employers to leverage big data (there’s that buzzword again!) to help solve for more complex business issues.

HR technology helps you manage your workforce.

From recruitment to retirement, HR technologies help HR teams manage employees through talent management and time tracking solutions.  HR technologies can help manage and sort resumes, provide and track online education and training materials, assist in scheduling shifts, set performance criteria and measures and more.

 HR technology helps you stay complaint.

With all of the government regulations (ACA, FMLA, ERISA, USERRA and HIPAA to name a few) surrounding HR, compliance is a huge focus. Technology can help lighten that burden for an employer by tracking, documenting and reporting the necessary information to maintain compliance.

 HR technology has cool features.

We have seen a lot of really cool, new features being offered by some of the HR tech vendors out there. To name a few: mobile capabilities, interactive decision support tools and avatars, video interviewing and recruiting tools, in-depth (but user friendly) data analytics tools and reporting dashboards and slick user interfaces.

 HR technology makes life easier!

Enough said.