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What does that really mean? More importantly, what does it mean for you?

These are million dollar questions these days, and everyone has their own opinions, leaving most of us confused, overwhelmed, and dumbfounded as to where to start.

To clear up that confusion, we’re partnering with RFP365 for a complimentary webcast on Wednesday, June 8 at 2 p.m. central. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn.

What is the cloud?

First things first … a very simple definition of the cloud.

Software platforms have historically been purchased and then stored on a company’s physical property. The physical servers that house and process your data are literally stored on your premises (referred to as “on-prem.”)

Conversely, any platform which is not actually kept in your office space is referred to as “off-prem” or on “the cloud” (also referred to as SaaS — Software as a Service).

Netflix, online bill pay, and Gmail are all “cloud based” solutions.

In other words, you’re probably already using “the cloud” more than you realize.

These off-prem solutions are becoming increasingly popular for businesses, providing everything from mobile banking to human capital management (HCM) platforms.

Why “the cloud” is appealing:

  • You get the care but not the responsibility of data storage
  • It’s a more flexible infrastructure (ability to increase capacity as needed)
  • It’s often more economical than on-prem solutions
  • Minimal implementation time (on-prem implementation commonly takes 1-2 years, more on that here)

However, as this great article on cloud computing rightly stated there is a lot of fear around moving to the cloud.

So, how do you know if you should choose a cloud-based provider?

Long story short, there are advantages and risks to both on-prem and off-prem solutions.

That’s why we’re offering a complimentary webinar to help explain the differences, and give you practical suggestions for vetting options.

Join us Wednesday June 8, 2 p.m. CST and find out how to move to the cloud safely.

(Sign up even if you can’t attend, and we’ll send you the recording.) There is even a live chat option to submit your cloud questions!

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