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hr tech conf

The 18th Annual HR Technology Conference is right around the corner. October 18-21, HR and IT professionals and HR technology vendors will gather at the largest industry event, held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve attended the conference since the early days when we all fit into a small couple of rooms at Chicago’s Navy Pier and it is easily my favorite [professional] event of the year. Here are a few reasons I am excited for this year’s #HRTechConf:

Meeting of the Thought Leaders

The HR Technology Conference does a fantastic job of bringing in industry experts to deliver keynote and breakout sessions. The conference is a great opportunity to meet and chat with these thought leaders and hear their takes on certain industry trends.  I miss the Vendor Shootouts of old where the audience would score four CEO-led demos for live results, but hopefully this will make a comeback soon.

New Technology

The HR Technology Conference is the industry’s biggest event and thus a great opportunity for vendors to release their product updates and promote new features.  Last year, the conference planners intentionally added back in a technical track to the content giving all of us geeks what we love!

New Trends

The past few years, there has been a HUGE emphasis on Talent Management technology at the HR Tech Conference.  Last year there were quite a few wellness technology vendors exhibiting. That being said, this conference tends to not draw in a ton of Benefits Administration vendors. I’m interested to see who will have the big showing this year. Will it be the ACA technology vendors or private exchange vendors? Or will Talent and Wellness stay on top? For some quasi-secret intel, I’ve heard on the down-low that bswift may be making a big splash to celebrate the Aetna relationship.

Vendor Meet and Greet

We work with a lot of the vendors in the HR Tech space. The HR Tech Conference is the one time of year most of them are in one place. It is a great opportunity for our team to meet the people we are working with daily and furthering those vendor relationships.

Vegas, Baby!

Need I say more? I can’t wait to get some sunshine and warm weather in Las Vegas. Who knows, maybe I’ll even drop a nickel in the slots. What I’m really saying is check back in a couple of weeks as I’m going to be launching a GoFundMe account to pay off my gambling debts!

Why are you excited for this year’s HR Technology Conference? Follow the excitement on Twitter with #HRTechConf and make sure to stop by our booth, number 2508, to say hi!